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For more than a decade, Speak and Swallow has been enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of adults and adolescents with swallowing and communication difficulties.

As highly qualified and experienced Speech Therapists, we have a deep understanding of how communication and swallowing difficulties can impact a person at any stage, for a variety of reasons: at birth or later in life as a result of a medical condition, injury or aging.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients to interact, express themselves, and eat and drink safely. Moments that mean the world to our clients, their loved ones and carers, and importantly allow our clients to live with reassuring levels of confidence also mean the world to us.

We consider it a privilege to be part of our clients’ journey to improved health, wellbeing and connection. Every day, we are inspired by their resilience and courage, and this motivates us to do all that we can to support them to overcome, ease or manage their communication and/or swallowing challenges.

We also recognise the vital role our clients’ families, carers and other health professionals play in our clients’ day-to-day lives and care. At every step, we encourage collaboration and inspire trust through open, honest and transparent communication with our client’s support network – offering the information, training and practical guidance required to put treatment plans into action.

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Our Values


Person-centred, inclusive and accessible, we provide both in-home and clinic-based services that prioritise client comfort and convenience for carers.


With endless empathy, kindness and respect, we put our clients’ wellbeing front and centre in everything we do.


Our evidenced-based therapeutic solutions and personalised treatment plans make a positive difference to our clients’ quality of life.


We collaborate with our clients’ families and carers, providing the information, training and support required to put treatment plans in action.


We set high expectations and standards for ourselves and work to achieve these every day, inspiring trust and confidence in the care we provide.

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At Speak and Swallow, we consider it a privilege to be part of our client’s journey to improved health, wellbeing and connection.

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