Our ability to speak, be heard and understood is fundamental to our ability to interact and engage with others, and our sense of belonging. We support our clients, including individuals with complex needs and acquired speech disorders, to break down the barriers to communication with tailored therapy sessions in the home environment or at our Brisbane clinic.

At Speak and Swallow, our team provides speech therapy support to adults with speech disorders including Dysarthria and Dyspraxia / Apraxia of Speech.

Dysarthria is a speech or voice difficulty resulting from muscle weakness, or poor coordination of the breathing and speech muscles. This may result in altered speech volume, changed vocal quality or slurred speech, or a person’s pitch or volume may not alter.

Dyspraxia is caused by damage to the speech control centres of the brain used for planning and forming sounds. This may result in difficulty finding the correct mouth position to make sounds or difficulty making smooth transitions between sounds and words.

These speech disorders may make it difficult for a person to get their message across or for people to understand what they are trying to say. This may reduce their willingness to have a conversation with friends or participate in activities they previously enjoyed.

How we can help

Our Speech Therapists work with clients and their family or carers to identify and assess changes in speech and how this is impacting daily life.

We offer a range of evidence-based and proven therapy approaches that promote clear speech – strengthening communication and making a tangible difference to self-esteem and relationships.

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