Positive and professional, personalised and practical

For all of our clients, however complex their needs, we strive to achieve the best possible quality of life outcomes, drawing on our training and experience as Speech Therapists.

Strong advocates for person-centred, inclusive and accessible service delivery, our model of care includes both clinic-based and in-home services – prioritising client comfort and convenience for carers.

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Our approach


Finding the right solution begins with a thorough assessment of the communication or swallowing difficulty that is impacting you. In the process, we get to know you, your story and your goals so we can tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.

Treatment Plan

Using our expert clinical knowledge and evidence based practice, we design a treatment plan which outlines the therapeutic and functional solutions we recommend. We talk you through the plan and answer any questions about what’s involved.

Therapy Sessions

Your treatment plan is implemented through in home or clinic visits where you receive active care, support and guidance from your Speech Therapist. The number of sessions will depend on the communication or swallowing difficulty and your progress.

Training and Support

We provide training for family members, parents or carers and health professionals who may be supporting you to put your treatment plan into action on a practical, everyday basis.

Our areas of focus

Our holistic, evidence-backed therapeutic solutions are expertly designed to improve an individual’s health, wellbeing and ability to connect, based on their unique circumstances and goals.