Dysphagia and Communication Training, Sharing knowledge, building a community of care

Providing high quality services to your clients starts with great education and training.

Based on the latest evidence-based practices and professional experience, our training programs for dysphagia and communication management are ideal for allied health professionals, carers and disability and aged care support workers. We also offer courses to support Speech Pathologists with supervision and reflective practice.

Each training course is designed to build awareness and knowledge of how proactive management of communication and swallowing difficulties can improve quality of life.

You’ll be provided with the tools and the confidence to put treatment plans into action, and gain access to ongoing support via Speak and Swallow’s Closed Facebook Groups. Our training modules also assist you to meet accreditation standards as well as ensure standards of practice are being upheld.

Educated + empowered support workers and carers = genuine care, real results. Together, we can make a difference!

Proven and practical

Experienced facilitators

Multi-disciplinary focus

Flexible delivery options

Face-to-face onsite or remote online learning

All of our courses can be delivered onsite or online as part of our commitment to making access to education and support as easy as possible. Simply choose the option that’s right for you:


Delivered in-house at your organisation or at Speak and Swallow’s Brisbane clinic.

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Access to our training modules 24/7 from wherever you are located.

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Every training course gives you access to ongoing support via our closed Facebook Group

Training topics

Speak and Swallow courses target the most in-demand and beneficial topics to support clients to better health, wellbeing, and connection. By building your knowledge and skills in areas of dysphagia and communication management, we can help improve client’s quality of life and mealtime safety.

With over 10 years in private practice, we also offer courses to support Speech Pathologists in providing supervision and using reflective practice, helping you to grow clinically and professionally.

Dysphagia training

We offer multiple modules from introductory to advanced courses on dysphagia and mealtime management with a focus on quality of life.

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Communication training

There are numerous reasons why someone may have communication difficulties including stroke, brain damage, illness or disease. Sometimes, the best way we can support our clients or loved ones is to make sure the people and environment around them are shaped to allow for a better communication and engagement.

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Learn from experienced Speech Pathologists

Speak and Swallow training is developed and delivered by our highly qualified and experienced Speech Pathologists.

Natasha Blackmore | Director and Senior Speech Pathologist

Natasha is the founder and director of Speak and Swallow. With over 14 years of experience, she is very passionate about enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of her clients. At every step, she encourages collaboration and inspires trust through open, honest, and transparent communication. Natasha drives her team to put treatment plans into action and achieve real results. In particular, Natasha has a strong interest in dysphagia quality of life and working with clients with progressive neurological conditions. She considers it a privilege to be part of her client’s journey to improve their health, wellbeing, and connection. Natasha is a member of Speech Pathology Australia and the Laryngology Society of Australasia. When she isn’t working, Natasha can be found running marathons, wakeboarding, or spending time with her little girl.


Amy Sparks | Speech Pathologist

Amy completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with Honours at James Cook University. Throughout her studies, Amy worked with both children and adults in a range of regional and rural areas, where she grew her passion and commitment to supporting and empowering both clients and their families. She has a special interest in swallowing, voice and speech management, and works to help clients across all stages of life. Amy is a member of Speech Pathology Australia, and after completing an honours projects focused on Dysphagia, is eager to continue exploring instrumental assessment. When not at work, Amy enjoys having quality time with family and friends, exploring, swimming, camping and playing in community sporting teams.

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