Speech Difficulties

How Speech Pathologists Support People With Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common acquired chronic neurological disease affecting young adults in Australia. Unfortunately, there is currently no known cure. While the symptoms of MS vary from person to person, the disease is known to cause changes in movement, sensation, and cognition that can impact everyday life. This is where Speech Pathologists […]

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What to Expect: Speech Therapy for Adults

Are you an adult looking for speech therapy services for the first time? Perhaps you care for someone who is looking for speech therapy for adults to get support after a diagnosis. Here at Speak & Swallow Speech Therapy, we are proud to say we’ve been supporting adolescents and adults with communication and swallowing difficulties […]

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LSVT Speech Therapy

The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, also known as LSVT speech therapy, is an evidence-based therapy approach that can be used to address speech and voice concerns. People with Parkinson’s Disease have been shown to benefit from taking part in intensive LSVT speech therapy programs.  Keep on reading to learn more about what the Lee Silverman […]

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