Reduce Mealtime Stress with Dysphagia Training for Carers

dysphagia training for carers

Practical Dysphagia Training for Carers

Do you care for a loved one with swallowing difficulties? Or perhaps you have swallowing difficulties, and you’d like something to help the carers in your life understand what you are experiencing and how they can best support you to have safe and enjoyable mealtimes.

Dysphagia, the clinical term for swallowing difficulties, impacts over 1 million Australians. It can affect a person’s ability to drink, chew, control saliva, take medication, eat, and inhibit their ability to stop food and drink going down ‘the wrong way’. When these symptoms show up at mealtimes, it can cause stress for the individual experiencing dysphagia as well as the people caring for them. If a carer doesn’t know how to identify mealtime risks and address mealtime incidents, it can be a stressful experience for all. It’s not exactly what you’d call a recipe for an enjoyable breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

That’s why Speak & Swallow, and their team of passionate Speech Pathologists, developed a practical Dysphagia Training for carers. Keep reading to find out what this training covers and how it can empower your support team.

How Dysphagia Training for Carers Reduces Mealtime Stress

Carers are truly incredible people. If you are a carer – we applaud you! We’re so glad that you’re here. And if you have carers that support you to enjoy the things you love, we know that you are endlessly grateful for the assistance they provide. 

Generally speaking, carers are family members and friends of a person with a disability, chronic condition, or terminal illness. Over time, they pick up a lot of new knowledge and discover ways to improve the way they support the people they care for. 

Carers can also be professional support workers or support team members who visit you at your home to provide you with a variety of paid services, in alignment with your needs, to support you in your day-to-day life.

If you have recently been given a mealtime management plan or been diagnosed with Dysphagia, it can feel like stepping into a whole new world. There are diet modifications, compensatory strategy recommendations to support safe swallowing, and other tailored recommendations from your treating Speech Pathologist to keep in mind at mealtimes. It’s a lot to take on at once, and carers involved in providing support may need some extra guidance to equip them for mealtime changes. 

Speak & Swallow Speech Therapy have developed a practical, well-structured Dysphagia Training for carers. It can be accessed online with lifetime access to the content. Or, if you have a large support team or carer network that you’d like to involve in your mealtime management, Speak & Swallow offer face-to-face training in Brisbane North and Moreton Bay too.

What is Included in Dysphagia Training for Carers

Invest in peace of mind and enjoyable mealtimes with Speak & Swallow Dysphagia Training for carers. With this practical Dysphagia training, your carers will learn the foundations for maximising safety and enjoyment at mealtimes.

Here is what your team will learn in our Dysphagia training for carers:

  • The swallowing process – explained by a Speech Pathologist
  • Signs and symptoms of Dysphagia
  • Risks associated with Dysphagia
  • What a Mealtime Management Plan is and why they’re needed
  • How a Mealtime Management Plan is assessed and developed
  • How to manage safety incidents that may occur during mealtimes
  • How to proactively reduce risk at mealtimes 

This practical online training is facilitated by our friendly and experienced Speech Pathologists, combining evidence-based theory with practical resources, tools and techniques to implement Mealtime Management Plans.

With increased awareness and confidence in mealtime management, your carers will be better equipped to navigate food and fluid modifications, creating an environment that’s not just functional but truly fulfilling. 

Register for Dysphagia Training for Carers Today 

Want to get instant access to our Dysphagia training for carers? Accessible from the comfort of your own computer, our comprehensive online training option provides a wealth of knowledge and resources designed to empower you and your care team.

With lifetime access to the online materials, carers will have the flexibility to learn at their own pace, ensuring they are fully equipped to recognise and address Dysphagia risks effectively.

Find out more and register today:

We hope you’ve found this article helpful as you explore ways to reduce mealtime stress associated with dysphagia. If you are seeking support from a Speech Pathologist in Brisbane North and Moreton Bay to address your swallowing difficulties or to arrange a swallowing assessment, contact us today

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*Please note that the information shared in this article is general in nature and is not tailored to any specific diagnosis or condition. For personalised guidance please seek the support and recommendation from a registered Speech Pathologist.